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Collection: Selected Entry Whisky

Welcome to Alcohol Please, a whisky shop in Hong Kong. We bring to you a curated collection of selected entry whiskies, allowing you to effortlessly embark on a delightful journey of whisky appreciation.

This chosen assortment of entry-level whiskies encompasses a variety of flavors and profiles, tailored especially for whisky newcomers. Recognizing that each taster's preferences and needs differ, we have thoughtfully selected these entry whiskies, enabling you to easily initiate your exploration of the world of whisky.

Every bottle of selected entry whisky marks the beginning of a tasting adventure, from gentle palates to refreshing aromas, each drop beckoning you into the enchanting realm of whisky. We hope this collection serves as the starting point for your tasting journey, gradually leading you to a deeper understanding of the diverse facets and allure of whisky.

Whether you're a whisky novice or a seasoned connoisseur, our selected entry whisky collection promises to deliver a pleasurable tasting experience. As you step into Alcohol Please, you'll discover that this series is the perfect launchpad for your tasting journey, allowing you to relish wonderful moments in the world of whisky.