Whisky is a type of spirit that is made from malted barley and water through fermentation, distillation and aging. It has many different styles and varieties, such as Single Malt Whisky and Blended Malt Whisky.

Single Malt Whisky refers to whisky produced by a single distillery. Whiskies will have a stronger regional or distillery character and this type of whisky is often considered one of the highest quality whiskies.

In Hong Kong, whisky is a popular type of alcohol. The Hong Kong whisky market has many whisky shops and whisky stores to choose from. In these stores, you can find various brands and styles of whisky, including Single Malt Whisky and other types of whisky. Whisky prices in Hong Kong vary depending on the brand, year, and aging time. Generally, older or special edition whiskies are more expensive, while regular and younger whiskies are more affordable. When buying whisky, Hong Kong Whisky Shops can recommend whiskies that suit your taste and price range.

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