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Collection: Other Whiskies

As you step into Alcohol Please, a whisky shop in Hong Kong, you're about to embark on a marvelous whisky journey that traverses global flavors. With pride, we present the unique whiskies from around the world, each with its own story and characteristics.

Whiskies from the Netherlands emit an air of elegance and freshness, allowing you to savor the essence of this abundant country. German whisky showcases the craftsmanship of Germany, meticulously crafted to deliver distinct textures and flavors.

French whisky invites you to indulge in the romance of vineyards and the azure coastline, with each drop reflecting the essence of French culture. Israeli whisky infuses Middle Eastern flavors, providing a unique taste that transports you to exotic realms.

Whisky from England whispers the tales of history's flowing river, each drop bearing the elegance and resilience of the British Isles. Every variant of whisky represents a unique realm, and every bottle is a testament to the wisdom of the master distiller.

At Alcohol Please, we gather these global flavors under one roof, offering you a distinct global whisky journey. Whether you're an explorer seeking flavor experiences or a connoisseur with a love for whisky, we sincerely invite you to join us in savoring these worldwide whisky treasures.