Waterford - Gaia 1.1 Organic, 50% (WF90)

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Waterford - Gaia 1.1 Organic 

Type : Single malt whisky
Vintage: 2016
Bottled : 2020
Age : 3 Years 9 Months 20 Days
Strength : 50.0% vol.
Content : 700ml

Whiskyfun: 90 pt

繼早前Bannow Island & Ballykilcavan等相對多人見過既田外,
今次帶來的Gaia 就係暫時WF囉到最高分(90)的一支Waterford, 一塊標榜Organic的田

P.S. 1: 桶方面 - 42% 1st fill American oak, 23% French oak, 18% VIN DOUX NATUREL(法國甜酒) , 17% Virgin American Oak

P.S. 2: 每支酒盒後方有個Terrior Code, 你入去佢個網到打返個Code, 就有好詳細既資料, 例如用左幾多個cask (有齊每個cask既cask type, 裝幾多litres, 邊日開始裝) , 用咩yeast, fermentation用幾耐, 佢塊田下面有咩type既泥, 幾深, 每日sunlight 幾多粒鐘等等你應該未必有興趣, 覺得痴線既資料😆

官方TN 參考

Orange zest, malty figs, seaweed, hay in the field after light rain, salted caramel, peppermint, rosewater, freshly turned soil.

Heat and zesty pepper on the tongue, cloves, figs, oiliness that dries in the mouth, cherries, butterscotch, pears, malty, layers of spice.

Long and zesty oiliness that dries, but leaves you chewing; a sweetness that comes right at the end.

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