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Grapediggaz Vallein Tercinier - VSOP Cognac, by WDC & Kirsch, 46.3% (WF87)

Grapediggaz Vallein Tercinier - VSOP Cognac, by WDC & Kirsch, 46.3% (WF87)

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Wu Dram Clan Vallein Tercinier

Wu Dram Clan Grapediggaz Vallein Tercinier - Cognac VSOP, 46.3%

Type : Cognac
Bottled: 2022
Strength : 46.3% vol.
Content : 700ml

Whiskyfun: 87 pts

Grapediggaz is a series collaborated by Wu Dram Clan and Kirsch Import

Official Tasting note for reference:

Relatively fruity, although it can’t be compared to the old rancio-driven fruits. Here we mainly find yellow apples, peaches bananas and white grapes. Then also a buttery / waxy hint and some vanilla. Mint leaves. There’s still a youngish raw edge, as well as some freshly sawn wood, evolving to something in between metal and resin.

Smoother than expected. There’s a nice gourmand side, with notes of butter pastry and apple cake. Also vanilla notes and a light hint of white chocolate. Subtle hints of mirabelles and peaches, as well as more grapes. Getting more grassy and narrow towards the end.

Relatively long, with a nice warmth and fruity side, as well as liquorice and a faint hint of green oak.

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