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Samaroli Brazil Rum - 9YO, 2011/2020, 50%

Samaroli Brazil Rum - 9YO, 2011/2020, 50%

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Samaroli Brazil Rum 9YO, 2011/2020, 50%

Type : Single cask Rum
Vintage: 2011
Bottled : 2020
Cask Number: #42
Age : 9YO
Strength : 50.0% vol.
Content : 700ml

Official tasting note for reference:

It's a rum that rises from our glass up towards the nose with a forceful elegance.
It captivates us as it leaves a trail of floral scents from the baptismal liturgy of the old testament.
This fragrance, though pronounced, does not a ack. Instead, it fades with magnetic charm.
In the mouth, we find fruits and spices, as if the flower buds have begun to bloom.
The newly-blossomed flowers open up, overflowing on the sides of the palate with tones that are at once sweet and fat nature in harmony

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