Hampden 4YO ‘HLCF Classic’, 60% Type : Single Jamaica rum 冧酒

Hampden - 4YO HLCF Classic, 60%

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Hampden 4YO ‘HLCF Classic’, 60%

Type : Single Jamaica rum
Age : 4YO
Strength : 60% vol.
Content : 700ml

Aged in tropical climate

HLCF: Hampden Light Continental Flavoured

Online tasting note for reference:

Lively and concentrated, notes of acetone attest to its high alcohol content, but sweeter notes of flamed banana, prune and lemon complement the nose.

Intense and exquisite, the fruity notes of the nose are combined with smoky and roasted notes.

Long and rather delicate, the cooked cane syrup takes over before giving way to more herbaceous notes and aromas of pine resin.

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