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Compass Box - Peat Monster Arcana (WN87)

Compass Box - Peat Monster Arcana (WN87)

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Compass Box

Compass Box - Peat Monster Arcana

Type : Blended malt whisky
Bottled : 2020
Strength : 46.0% vol.
Content : 700ml

Whiskynote: 87 pts

72.9% Talisker from refill hogsheads

10.6% Miltonduff from first-fill bourbon barrels

9.6% of the original Peat Monster at cask strength, matured for a few years in a refill custom French oak barrels with heavily toasted cask ends (these casks are normally used to mature their trademark Highland Malt blend which is at the base of most of their creations)

6.9% Ardbeg from recharred barrels
Tasting note from WhiskyNote for reference:

The generous dose of Talisker is clearly noticeable. Relatively gentle, ashy smoke, a bit of briney sharpness, kippers, some pepper and leather saddle. In the background there's a faint fruity note (peaches maybe) and a hint of milk chocolate, as well as some cinnamon spice.

More toasted oak spice now. Pepper, cinnamon and ginger, mixing with light mentholated notes and after a while also a waxy side. Hints of yellow apple, vanilla and acacia honey. Drops of cough medicine and dried seaweed.

Medium and fairly dry, with some of the chocolatey notes, ashes and light herbal notes

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