Port Charlotte - 2010 OLC:01, 55.1% (WB 88.59) , whisky, 威士忌

Port Charlotte - 2010 OLC:01, 55.1% (WB 88.5)

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Port Charlotte

Port Charlotte 2010 OLC:01, 55.1%

Type : Single malt whisky
Vintage : 2010
Bottled : 2020
Cask  : Oloroso Hogshead Finish
Age : 9YO
Strength : 55.1% vol.
Content : 700ml

Whiskybase: 88.5 pts (566 votes as at 2022.01.08)

Peat & Sherry 性價比之選
Cask exploration 玩桶系列作品, 算係眾多作品中較多好評既其中一支, 能夠係WB咁多人評分下保持如此高分絕非易事

呢支PC OLC:01 係入Oloroso finish之前, 亦有著相當複雜既setting...
30% 1st fill American Whiskey casks
40% 2nd fill American Whiskey casks
25% Vins doux naturel (VDN) casks (即南法甜fortified wine)
5% 2nd fill Syrah casks (即Shiraz)
之後再放係 1st fill Oloroso Hogshead finish 18個月


Peat smoke shrouds jammy dark fruits, with caramelised nuts, festive spices and orange peel, with notes of mocha, maple syrup and a touch of maritime influence.

Rich and oily, with fragrant smoke, candied nuts and dried fig, alongside cigar box, peppery oak and more orange peel.

The smoke is dry now, with dried fruit sweetness, cocoa and vanilla buttercream, supported by mineral saltiness and citrus curd.