Sansibar Secret Islay (Lagavulin) - 7YO, 2013/2020, 55.1%

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Sansibar Secret Islay (Lagavulin)

Sansibar Secret Islay (Lagavulin) 7YO, 2013/2020, 55.1%

Type : Single malt whisky
Vintage : 2013
Bottled : 2020
Cask Type : Port Pipe
Age : 7YO
Strength : 55.1% vol.
Content : 700ml

Batch No. 7 新出
同樣玩法, 雖然酒標上的文字完全無透露係邊間廠,

由於較新, 比較難搵全面啲的tasting note,
好不容易搵到個寫得幾有心的網站叫Tastingbros 有試哂Sansibar Batch 7 可以參考下
Online tasting note for reference: (from tastingbros 89 pts)

It’s very fresh! Solvents, a lot of citruses, iodine, sea salt, brine, nutmeg, dried fruits, leather, coastal peat and some delicious smoked meat.

The alcohol integration is very good and the texture is oily. Citruses, astringent notes, noble wood, still some notes of smoked meat, white pepper, nutmeg, dusty leather, lemons, aerial peat, brine and a bewitching barbecue wood smoke on the beach.

Mid-Long. Candied lemon zest, noble wood, nutmeg, old books, brine, coastal peat, some more lovely smoke meat and still that delicious smoke.

It’s quite young and still it’s very good with some very good alcohol integration, a complex and powerful profile and even some pretty nice balance.