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Hampden - 11YO, 2010 LROK, 47%

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Hampden - 11YO, 2010 LROK, 47%

Type: Single Jamaica Rum
Vintage: 2010
Bottled : 2021
Age : 11YO
Strength : 47% vol.
Content : 700ml

Aged in tropical climate for 11 years, 同時包含咗Hampden最老果批酒
根據Hampden 官方說法(酒標) 係tropical climate age 11年, 其angel's share 同熟成程度相等於係Europe age 44年既效果.......

LROK即Light Rum Owen Kelly, 
Owen Kelly來自Hampden 第三位Owner - Dermot Owen Kelly - Lawson
佢酯值(Ester) 會相對低, 只有334.7gr/hlpa, 即無咁膠 
如對Hampden Ester值比較有興趣, 可以去 呢度 望望,

Online tasting notes for reference

Estery and somewhat funky gingerbread man. Banana on fire. Vanilla on fire. Freshly turned black soil.

Big, massive, huge! Yet so delicate, soft, fluffy and caramely yummy. Sweetness, and more sweetness. Yet not sickeningly so, this is juuust right.

Long finish. Still sweet. More banana and other assorted tropical fruits. Caramel. Light and mildly funky.