Christian Drouin Calvados Caroni Angels  - 17YO, 48.8%  Type : Calvados

Christian Drouin Calvados - 17YO, 1996 Caroni Cask Finish, 48.8%

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Christian Drouin Calvados Caroni Angels

Christian Drouin Calvados Caroni Angels  - 17YO, 48.8%

Type : Calvados
Age: 17YO
Bottled: 2022
Strength : 48.8% vol.
Content : 700ml

Calvados即用Apple and/or Pears做的Brandy.

8 Months finished in former 1996 Caroni casks from Trinidad

Official tasting note for reference:

On the nose, the aromas of roasted apple and dried apricot blend into expressions of leather, petroleum and brown sugar.

The mouth retains the liveliness and freshness of Calvados on the attack before revealing all its amplitude, richness and length.

Toasted, smoky and baked apple notes intertwine on the finish.