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Starward - ~4YO, 2017/2021, Single Barrel, 55.5%

Starward - ~4YO, 2017/2021, Single Barrel, 55.5%

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Starward - ~4YO, 2017/2021, Single Barrel, 55.5%

 : Single malt whisky
Vintage: 09/2017
Bottled : 09/2021
Age : ~4YO
Cask Type: American oak red wine barrel
Cask Number: 10312
Strength : 55.5% vol.
Content : 700ml

Online tasting note for reference:

The nose presents the Australian whiskey with notes of ripe fruit. It smells of apricots and oranges. Wood smoke and nuts elegantly round off the aroma.

The Starward Whiskey from cask 10312 settles strongly on the tongue. He tastes sweet. Apricots and oranges meet bananas and chocolate. Tannins penetrate. Leather and wood add spice.

The finish is long-lasting. The single malt whiskey says goodbye with dark fruits. It also leaves notes of oak and dates. Spices are present.

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