G&M Speymalt Macallan - 8YO, 2006/2015, 43%  Type : Single malt whisky 威士忌

G&M Speymalt Macallan - ~9YO, 1st & Refill Sherry Casks, 2006/2015, 43%

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Gordan & MacPhail Macallan

G&M Speymalt Macallan - ~9YO, 2006/2015, 43%

Type : Single malt whisky
Vintage : 2006
Bottled : 2015
Age :
Cask Type : 1st & Refill Sherry Casks
Strength : 43%
Content : 700ml

Online Tasting note for reference:

There is a big malt and cereals mix and some beeswax. The sherry casks are felt at first with light dried fruits coupled with sweet and fresh red berries but then the impact slowly turns into a fruitier impact with some apricots and lemon peels along with the red and dried fruits.

Spicy and zesty, oranges and pepper , cereals and malt, sherry impact with a red berries, a touch of nutmeg and milk chocolate, ending with subtle oak wood and a semi dry feeling of wood tannins.

Medium length finish with wood spiciness, lingering milk chocolate with subtle red fruits.

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