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Belize -

The Nectar of the Daily Drams - Belize Rum (Travellers) 13YO, 62.6%

The Nectar of the Daily Drams - Belize Rum (Travellers) 13YO, 62.6%

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The Nectar of the Daily Drams

The Nectar of the Daily Drams - Belize Rum (Travellers Distillery) 13YO, 62.6%

Type : Rum
Vintage: 2007
Bottled : 2020
Age : 13YO
Strength : 62.6% vol.
Content : 700ml

Tasting note from Rumrobin (extract, the original text is too long):

Lots of chocolate and orange. Big alcoholic punch. Chocolate pastries and bread. Slight woody tannins, other than that pretty straightforward. the high ABV probably numbs most subtler scents. After a while, some dirtier and heavier notes come through, the slightest bit of tar and petrol. But this is a very fleeting note

The alcohol is there, in a very present and spicy way. The first sip hit the ground running, an alcoholic fueled chocolate cake is probably the best way to describe it. As I taste a hot spicy mix of cake, chocolate and orange.
Otherwise, this is a very nice rum. A full palate of vanilla, some good woody spice combined with the filling alcoholic spice, tobacco. This all makes for a filling and hot palate

The finish mellows this hot attack on the weaker palates off. A nice bit of oak, tobacco and chocolate finishes this drink of. It hardly burns in the throat and leaves you wondering what happened to that heat from the nose and taste.

pretty good rum. Nice full palate with all the flavours one would want from a rum. The ABV could stand to be a bit lower on this as it really takes some getting used to and this might put some people off. This being said, if you can handle this type of ABV, and like a nice naturally sweet and oaky rum. This is a good option

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