Port Charlotte - 2011 PAC:01, 56.1% (WB 89.17)

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Port Charlotte

Port Charlotte 2011 PAC:01, 56.1% (WB 89.17)

Type : Single malt whisky
Vintage: 2011
Bottled : 2021
Cask : French Red Wine cask finish
Age : 8YO (stated age) / 9YO (calculated age)
Strength : 56.1% vol.
Content : 700ml

Whiskybase: 89.17 pts (79 votes as at 2021.6.4)

Cask exploration 玩桶系列作品, 同時都係眾多作品中較多好評既其中一支,
有別於之前MRC:01 講明用Mouton桶, 今次只係講用Bordeaux Pauillac的紅酒桶
先係Bourbon桶熟成6年, 再轉到Pauillac桶Finish 2年 (?), 最後以40ppm入樽

還是循例講聲, Pauillac只係波爾多其中一個region, 當中當然有不少名酒莊,
但其實下至超市一舊水的Wine, 上至Lafite, Latour, 都可以係under Pauillac,
只係從PC往績, WB評分同師兄的TN睇, 味道等都相當對辦

Official tasting note for reference (extract, 原文太長):

Lots of fresh, fruit aromas mingle with the dry peat smoke to entice you into the dram, from the oak comes spices - cloves, ginger and cassia, along with chocolate, toasted malt with toffee, brown sugar and delicate coconut and vanilla notes.

As the first drop touches your tongue a wave of flavours sweep across the palate, the sweetness from the oak and malt lead, followed by smoke, citrus and dried fruit notes.

The peat smoke comes through on the finish with a more medicinal phenol style. Coconut and floral notes waver and a saline marine element combine with the earthy smoke in the classic Port Charlotte style. The softness of the oak and the minerality of the spirit become wrapped in smoke, a familiar signature to this dram.